In the summer of 2002, Awl Woodworking formed and started building kitchen and bathroom cabinets for customers throughout the Okanagan Valley in BC. With the business centrally located in Summerland, we were effectively able to serve clients from Osoyoos to Vernon. As a result of manufacturing a superior product and backing it with top-notch customer service, the business gradually and steadily expanded to now serve both residential and commercial customer needs, and has formed a commercial division - Deep Dado Cabinets Ltd. Both companies currently service the entire span of Canada from coast to coast and provide both delivery and installation of any project - any size!

Awl Woodworking continues to produce high quality residential cabinets and furniture for its customers at an ever growing pace. We can work with existing plans for your dream project; or even help to design and put together plans to meet the specific needs in your home.

When customers require millwork and cabinets for their business and commercial projects, Deep Dado Cabinets Ltd. provides all the same expertise, quality and ability to deliver exactly what the client demands.

We achieve and maintain our high customer satisfaction through ensuring that we have succeeded in meeting these three key goals with every project:

1. Quality We make sure all projects are built with the highest quality demanded, and that no job is complete without 100% customer satisfaction.
2. Speed Timelines are important for everybody involved, and we will work to meet even the most demanding of schedules and deadlines.
3. Cost Budgets, and "staying" on budget is critical for meeting the measured success of every job. Awl Woodworking and Deep Dado Cabinets Ltd. will always recommend working with one of our binding quotes so that the customer does not have to worry about any hidden costs added to the completion of a job.

It is because of our three key goals that you - the customer - will awlways be 100% satisfied.

"Awlways Exceeding Expectations!"

phone: 250-486-1650

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